Sprout Organic Takes a Slice of Australia’s $24 Billion Pharmacy Market with National Chemist Warehouse Launch

QLD, Australia, August 9, 2022 — This week, Sprout Organic’s award-winning plant-based infant formula is set to hit the shelves of Australia's largest pharmacy retailer, Chemist Warehouse, launching throughout its 500 retail stores spread across the country.


“Our mission has always been to provide an organic, intolerance-friendly formula to as many Australian families as possible. Today marks a great day for us as it brings us one step closer to that mission with national ranging at Chemist Warehouse.” said Selasi Berdie, founder and CEO of Sprout Organic.

According to IBIS World analysts, in 2019, Chemist Warehouse owned an estimated 26 percent of Australia’s $16 billion retail pharmacy market. Fast forward to 2022 and the growing demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Australia’s pharmacy market is now worth $24 billion, of which Chemist Warehouse owns approximately 50 percent.

Being certified organic an
d having clean, easily recognisable ingredients such as rice, pea and coconut, Sprout Organic ticks many boxes for today’s health-conscious consumers. Its products also fill a gap in the market for children who are sensitive to common allergens, being free from ingredients that cause 90% of all allergic reactions (dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, fish and peanuts).

“We have a lot of mums coming in wanting recommendations in terms of what formulas to use, and we’ve definitely noticed an increase in the need for allergy-friendly formulas,” said Nana Yaa Donkor, Chemist Warehouse pharmacist and manager.

Sprout Organic became a member of Australia’s highly regarded Infant Nutrition Council in 2020, and was recently awarded ‘Best Children’s Product’ at the World Food Innovation awards in Europe, competing against 272 entries across 22 different countries.

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About Sprout Organic

Sprout Organic is an Australian children's nutrition company which creates organic, plant-based infant formula, and healthy plant-based snacks for kids. Its mission is to provide children and their families with access to nourishing plant-based food products across the globe. In June 2021, Sprout launched its highly anticipated flagship product: a plant-based and organic infant formula, disrupting an industry that has seen little to no innovation outside of dairy and soy for over 120 years.