Gold Coast Doctor Joins Forces with Plant-Based Food Startup to Improve Children's Health and Fight Climate Change

Gold Coast, QLD (September 15, 2021) — Sprout Organic Pty Ltd (“Sprout” or the “Company”), the Aussie startup known for its world-first plant-based infant formula has joined forces with local Gold Coast doctor, Dr Andrew Little, who is on a mission to improve children’s health and fight climate change by increasing the availability of healthy plant-based food choices for kids.



“I'm very passionate about the future of our planet and even more so now after the latest IPCC report. It's literally Code Red for humanity. Something like Sprout has never been more needed than our current point of history,” said Dr Andrew Little.

Commenting on the partnership, Sprout’s founder, Selasi Berdie, said it was a timely opportunity in the midst of a pandemic and looming climate crisis to deepen its relationships with Australian health professionals who not only care about kids' nutrition, but the health of the environment they will ultimately inherit.

“I am a firm believer in five key factors with health in the form of physical, mental, spiritual, social and environmental health. It has never been more important during a global pandemic for us to focus on the personal health of ourselves and our children but also the health of the planet. Choosing healthy & sustainable food choices is an absolute must if we want a better planet for future generations. Dr Little has a brilliant mind and a lot of great suggestions we are already taking on board to develop the best possible products for kids,” stated Berdie. 

After launching its world-first infant formula in June, this week, the company added another new product to its growing range, Sprout Junior Protein, a plant-based shake designed to supplement common nutritional gaps seen in children.

“Although we have become known as the plant-based formula brand, it’s easy to forget kids are only infants for one year of their nutritional journey. We wanted to make parents' lives easier with one product that was suitable for the whole family,” Berdie continued. 



I’m grateful that at a time like this we are still able to lead a charge to change kids' nutrition for the better”.

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Interview with Selasi Berdie, Sprout founder, and Dr Andrew Little available on request.

About Sprout Organic
Sprout Organic is an Australian children's nutrition company which creates organic, plant-based infant formula, and healthy plant-based snacks for kids. Its mission is to provide children and their families with access to nourishing plant-based food products across the globe. Approved by leading paediatricians, dietitians, and food science experts, in June 2021 Sprout launched its highly anticipated flagship product: a plant-based and organic infant formula, a first-to-market product disrupting a 120 year old industry.