Why We Chose a Blend of Organic Coconut and Canola Oil for Our Infant Formula

Organic Canola Oil Is Free From Chemical Processing

The reputation of canola oil comes from knowledge of other conventional oils — particularly how they’re processed, and mostly about where its seeds originate from. Like any nutritionally consumed oil, the methods of processing plays a huge impact on the effect on the body. The same thing applies to canola oil with conventional canola being extracted via a process called hexane extraction, which is vastly different to organic canola, and this is the cornerstone of where the confusion may have set in.

The oil used in Sprout Organic infant formula is both non-GMO and certified organic, which is different to conventional canola since it is free from chemical processing (solvents like hexane are not organic, and therefore not allowed to be used in organic oil production). Fundamentally, organic canola oil is extracted by being cold pressed, which means no chemical solvents or degrading processes are used to produce the oil. Thus, the negatives that are often expressed about canola oil are highly diminished when you look at organic canola oil. 

Australia’s High Infant Nutrition Standards

All infant formulas sold and marketed in Australia must meet very strict nutrient requirements. According to the Food Standards Australian and New Zealand (FSANZ), formulas must contain the essential fatty acids linoleic acid (LA), an omega-6 fatty acid, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid, which aid in infant growth and development. 

When blended with other oils (in our case organic coconut) canola oil fulfills the gaps in the required fatty acid profile, and with it brings the many beneficial properties for a healthful formula, supporting brain and retina development.

Being an intolerance-friendly and environmentally-conscious brand, the choice became clear that organic canola was going to be the most suitable option compared to counterparts like soy and palm that respectfully have common allergen and environmental issues. 

Whilst other new innovative plant-based and allergen-friendly oils exist, we are governed by the FSANZ code which requires that any ingredient added to infant formulas must be standardised for use in particular foods and cannot be deemed as “novel”. Sprout Organic is continuing to work with relevant food bodies and leading infant formula experts to continue researching, lobbying and looking at further possible healthy, plant-based ingredients that could be used within infant formulas to push positive changes and continuously develop the best products we can.

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