What questions did Australia’s pharmacy professionals ask us about our new products?

Sprout Organic at the Australian Pharmacy Professionals Conference and Trade Expo 

This weekend (from Thursday, May 21 - Sunday, May 23 2021), our team attended our very first trade show, the Australian Pharmacy Professionals Conference and trade Expo for the launch of our certified organic, plant-based milk drinks for kids to industry professionals and the public.

Not only was it great to connect with the community, it was also great to field questions about our products and gauge reactions, which was nothing short of positive!

Here are some of the most common questions that were asked and our answers:

What is the protein makeup of your organic formulas?

The protein makeup of our Sprout Organic’s certified organic, plant-based formulas is organic rice and pea protein. 

Our choice of using these two proteins was due to their bioavailability and complete amino acid profile when combined, making them superior to any ‘single’ plant source. The combination of these proteins also allowed us to meet the strict protein requirements set by the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) code which all infant formula companies must meet to go to market. Another benefit of using these protein sources is that they are intolerance-friendly and therefore suitable to a wider number of the population.   

How will infants get the vitamins and minerals necessary for growth, like that of breastmilk?

As a company, one thing we don’t do is compare our formula, or any formula brand to breast milk. Nothing compares, as breast milk is the best for infants. 

We do however understand that 87% of mothers utilise a formula in the first 12 months from birth, so formula is clearly a necessity, and we are very proud to provide a plant-based choice for parents.

Sprout Organic's infant formula is nutritionally complete for babies to consume from birth. The amount of energy, fats, vitamins, and minerals it contains are strictly dictated by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) code, which all infant formula companies must meet to go to market.

Our formula has been validated to the FSANZ code by one of the largest food legal groups in Australia, in addition to undergoing a rigorous review process by third-party food technologists, paediatricians and dietitians. 

Sprout Organic is also a member of the Australian Infant Nutrition Council and signatories to the MAIF agreement, all of which require a strict safety eligibility of our products.

Aren’t soy based products the first plant-based milk products for kids? How are Sprout Organic products different?

Yes, there are several soy products in the market; however, Sprout is the first intolerance-friendly, certified organic plant-based formula on the market. Currently, there are no ‘organic’ soy formulas available to consumers in the Australian market. In addition, soy is a common allergen for kids and unfortunately, children with an allergy or intolerance to cow’s milk are also highly likely to have similar reactions to soy proteins. Finally, it’s important to note that soy formulas are not recommended for babies under 6 months due to concerns surrounding phytoestrogens.

Is it made in Australia? Where is it made?

Yes, all of our products are made in Australia. Our formulas are made in Melbourne, Victoria, and our snack products are made in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Why did we choose Vitamin D2 instead of D3 for our formulas?

Being a plant-based product, vitamin D2 is a more readily available source of vitamin D, as opposed to vitamin D3 which is often synthetically sourced from sheep’s wool. Sprout Organic’s vitamin D2 is sourced from a combination of nutrient-rich fungi and algae.   

Final Comments

The above questions were asked of us more than once during our time at the APP conference, so we thought we could provide value by sharing our responses with you. 

We aim to be as transparent as possible during our journey in providing choice to the market with a new alternative in the children's nutrition space. We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our future generations, and want to fill a gap that has been severely lacking for too long.

We are now off to Sydney for the Naturally Good Expo in Darling Harbour from 30 - 31 May 2021. Stay tuned for our next update!


Learn more about our world first, certified organic, plant based kids milk drinks now at the link - click here. 

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