Q&A with Midwife & Perinatal Health Specialist, Aliza Carr

We believe breastfeeding is the optimal option for feeding your little one, but we also understand that this isn't possible for everyone and that choosing the right nutrition for your child is a huge decision. You want to provide them with the best you possibly can to set the foundations for a happy, healthy life.

At Sprout Organic, we strive to make that decision easier, so you can spend more time doing the million other things on your to-do list!

We reached out to Midwife and Perinatal Mental Health Specialist Aliza Carr - also known as @bumpnbub on social media - to ask her about why she recommends Sprout Organic for infant and toddler nutrition.

Q: What makes Sprout Organic different?

A: Many of the childhood nutrition products on the market use big words and fancy marketing jargon. However, when closely assessing the quality of ingredients, they very rarely measure up with hidden sugars, animal products, and synthetic ingredients.

As a midwife, I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding, however, I am passionate about supporting all parents in the choices they make around feeding their babies. Every single ingredient in Sprout Organic products has been carefully considered for its nourishing, nutritive properties. As a health professional, this is a brand I can truly advocate for. The dedication to inclusion and low intolerance-friendly products means more parents and children can access and benefit from these products. 


Q: Why would you recommend Sprout Organic to mums who formula feed?

A: When a mother is unable to breastfeed, needs to supplement feed, or chooses to formula feed, the process of selecting the right formula begins.

I would personally recommend Sprout Organic for several reasons:

🌱 Choosing a certified organic product is so important, especially for babies under 12 months. This limits their exposure to potentially harmful toxins and pesticides.

🌱 Being dairy-free, gluten-free, and plant-based, this infant formula is intolerance-friendly. As a midwife who has worked with hundreds of babies with tummy issues, often resulting from common food intolerances (like dairy and wheat), this formula is a game- changer!

🌱 It is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant-based goodness to help a baby thrive.

🌱 Sprout Organic is a family-owned Australian business. Every product created was dreamt up by a Dad, wanting the absolute best for his family’s health.


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