How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home with the Kids

Valentines Day 

When you become a parent, Valentine’s Day often becomes a day of spoiling your partner with gifts and a night out for dinner to an evening at home getting the kids ready for school. Instead of searching for a babysitter so you can hold on to the romantic dinners when you were child-free, you can use the day as an opportunity to teach your little ones about love and affection.

Making Valentine's Day a special day to celebrate all relationships of love is a great way to help our kids build more meaningful and deeper relationships with those that are most important to them whether that be with friends, family, boyfriends or girlfriends. 

So how can we include our children on Valentine's Day? In addition to buying flowers and chocolates for your significant other, consider giving your children some extra time and attention this Valentine's day and giving them the most important gift of all, love. If you are stuck for ideas don't worry, we’ve worked out the easiest ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your kids whether they are newborns or young adults we’ve got you covered. 


Share your love story of how you first met with your children

This can be done by simply retelling the story to your kids or if your kids are younger and you want to share more visual elements showing them photos of videos of your wedding day is a great way to get them understanding the bond that you share as partners and how the concept of love can grow over time. 

Send a message of love to your children 

There is no doubt that we are well and truly in the tech world and so often our children are all across being able to view and record video messages. Get your family involved in recording a love message from you to your children and vice versa your children to you. If your kids are too young to record a message, have them hold up a sign within the video that you write for them.

For those parents that like to keep things traditional, creating a Valentine's day card for your children is just as fun and having your children do one back for you is equally as sweet.  

Have a movie night

Nothing speaks Valentine's day like a traditional romantic kids book turned movie that the whole family can enjoy. 

Movies such as “Cinderella” and “The Princess and the Frog” for young children, “The Princess Diaries” and “Little Women” for teens, “Valentine’s Day” and “The Vow” for adults, and “Luca” and “Over the Moon” for the entire family.

Make sure you don’t forget the popcorn, and if you want to go all out, some heart shaped chocolates tend to be a family pleaser. 

Create an at-home restaurant

Every parent knows eating out with kids can be an absolute disaster which is even more so the case in busy restaurants which most are over Valentines day. Therefore one fun way to get a restaurant experience without the hassle is to create your own in-house restaurant. Give each family member a role in your in-home eatery (we recommend having the kids as waiters) and get to serving the best Valentine's day dish you can imagine. 

This is a great way to not only bond with the family but also teach your kids skills with etiquette and organisation. 

Get creative by having your kids draw up specials of the day for menu items and creating some fancy cocktails (or mocktails for the juniors). Make sure to eat all together and share a moment over dinner to let each other know what you all mean to each other. 

Say I love you with dessert. 

Nothing says I love you more than ordering or making your favourite dessert for your significant other and the kids. To help get the children involved simply order or make your favourite dessert but leave the frosting and decorations on the side. Once made or delivered, have your kids jump in on the fun and decorate with symbols of love using sprinkles, candles, choc pieces or wherever their imagination takes them.

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